In addition, there is a separate meeting space on the wall of the shared office.​

chairs, table, contemporary-2181960.jpg

Since the center is open, there are several tables, so it’s good to have meetings or meetings whenever necessary.​

In addition, coffee or tea to drink is essential for meetings and meetings, but there is a water purifier with a coffee machine so that you can enjoy tea and coffee at any time when you go to the entrance.​

As seen above, the shared office Citi Cube Sindorim workspace is well prepared for a variety of common spaces, but it also has a single-person office and a small office.​

Alternatively, it can be useful even if an organization needs to conduct a presentation.​

The shared office Citi Cube Sindorim workspace has not only advantages in terms of work, but also has a large sofa, so you can relax and read a variety of books.​

The biggest advantage of Citi Cube Sindorim workspace is that it has a comfortable large space for anyone to use.​



In the center of the space, small tables are prepared for small group gatherings.​



Also, there is a supermarket in the same building, so it is good for additional use.​


Shared Office

As such, when looking for a shared office, you need to pay attention to various parts, and you need to pay attention as you need to carefully check these parts one by one.​

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