New shared office that was just a 10-minute walk from my home

Time appears to pass quite quickly. Midway through July already. Due to summer vacation, I anticipate that the months of July and August will pass more quickly. James had a lot going on during the second week of July as time passed quickly. The Naver Weekly Diary Challenge for the second week of July will now be summarized. I believe Monday was a rainy day. As a result, I dropped my kid off at school and then worked all day at home while listening to the rain. I have a studio set up on the second floor where I work, but since it’s my home, it may be difficult to keep a cool environment and I often find it difficult to focus. After giving it some thought, I opted to move in after learning about a new shared office that was just a 10-minute walk from my home. I also sought out therapy at this time. On Monday, I began my day in this manner.

I spent the whole Tuesday morning moving my bags to the workplace. So, before to moving in, I made a deposit and payment for a certain amount of time. I enjoy the place I’m living in since it’s cool, open 24 hours a day, and I can walk there from my house. It’s approximately 1.5 pyeong of a single room beside the window. I was concerned about putting on the air conditioner at night since I often stay up all night at home, but I’m simply so relieved to be able to work in a comfortable environment free from any stress. There are several businesses nearby, so I anticipate the arrival of additional renters shortly. I don’t go shopping, but if I move in, I can use a studio that’s fantastic for me to use for free, which is ideal for me to shoot plenty of images. I can work in a cool, pleasant environment around-the-clock and register for fingerprint recognition, so I can focus extremely well these days. I took a laptop and a monitor to complete a straightforward and orderly workstation even though I still have a desktop and twin monitors at home. I believe I’ll be able to work as a content producer and concentrate better.

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