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Lisa Martin

Soho office. Meeting room rental.

Open market/purchase agency Rent multiple business addresses. The CEO who needs several business registration cards to register many products in the open market! The Gaussian Business Center has a number of branches that can professionally handle the task, The manpower is ready. Dozens of business addresses (lease contracts) will be divided into tax office areas and processed on the same day.


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Move office

Also, in the case of my acquaintance, I moved my office, and the biggest reason was the underdeveloped facilities of the previous space.​



From my experience in business for about 10 years, I think the most important workspace to consider when renting an office is accessibility, a transportation part.​


Reducing Costs

Those who have done some business tend to pay attention to this and think a lot about reducing fixed costs, but those who just start their business often neglect it because they are motivated.​


Low Cost

The most important part here is that the cost burden is definitely low.​

Unlike business operators

Citcube is stable because it rents company-owned space directly to tenant companies,

so there is no burden of up to 50% cheaper rent than its competitors,

and there is no control caused by business operations.​

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Therefore, there are quite a few people who start enthusiastically at first and then give up in the middle, but in order to solve this case, we have no choice but to think about it.​

No matter how much sales there are, the higher the fixed expenditure, the harder it is to make a profit.​

Fixed costs, such as office rental and rent, are the most important parts that cannot be overlooked from the standpoint of business owners.​

In that respect, Citi Cube has all its branches located in the station area, and especially in the case of Sindorim Workspace, the distance from the station is within 5 minutes.​

As such, there is no additional operating cost other than rent, and I think Workspace Citicube is the perfect office rental space for small businesses and start-ups to rent space at reasonable prices.​

However, you should be careful to get an office anywhere to reduce fixed spending, but it can leave a bad impression when dealing with people such as meetings.​

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When many people gather, they may not be able to hear the sound well, and for this purpose, we also have myc and speaker equipment to prepare lectures smoothly and conduct presentations.​

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In addition, if you need to have a meeting with the company, there is a separate meeting room, so you can prepare for the meeting after making a reservation, and since there is a whiteboard installed, it is efficient to conduct PT simply.​


There are offices of various sizes, including one person, two people, three people, and six people, and when the number of people increases, you can move to a larger place or sign one more contract.​


The seats themselves are also soft and spacious tables, so even if you have meetings for a long time, you can use them comfortably.​


At the end, there are also benches that are good for lectures, and it is also satisfactory to be able to sit down and listen to the instructor’s lectures.​


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From a multifaceted perspective, transportation is convenient, so it has good accessibility, spacious space, comfortable, and various amenities.​