FAQ: About Our New York Office Spaces

What is Sunshine Suites? How is it different from a traditional office?
Sunshine Suites is a community based shared office space with two locations in Manhattan. With Sunshine, you get a complete professional office environment included in one low monthly fee – charged per person per month.

We take care of maintaining your office space, furnishing it, and providing a suite of free or low cost services allowing you to focus on your core business. You will not need to hire an office staff, pay for altering office space, sign a fixed length office lease, provide office furniture, buy or rent office equipment, etc. We take care of it and make it as easy as possible for you.

What services are offered at Sunshine, and what are their costs?
At Sunshine we don’t believe in offering one price, and then nickel and diming you on a bunch of services, which is why almost all of our customers pay the same promised monthly rate per person every month. In order to fairly balance usage across the community, we cap some of our free services at a monthly allotment, with additional usage available at fair rates. Please see our pricing page for full details.
What are the terms of the license agreement at Sunshine? How quickly can I expand or reduce space, or leave Sunshine altogether?
At Sunshine we don’t believe in long-term leases or large security deposits. We know that one of the most important needs of a small business is flexibility. Therefore, all our license agreements are month-to-month. You need to give us just 30 days notice to end your agreement with us. You may terminated your license on the 15th or last day of any month with a minimum of 30 days notice.

In addition, you can easily add space (based on availability) any time you want, virtually immediately. If you run a seasonal business or need to reduce your space, you can do that as well, following the same terms as the license termination above (30 days notice). At Sunshine, you only pay for the space you need.

Furthermore, we have a standard, easy to read and easy to understand 3 page contract to sign up for space. There is no need to work for months with an attorney on a 20+ page agreement.

Do you have offices available or just workstations?
We currently do not offer offices with closed doors and a closed off ceiling. All our suites / workstations have lockable doors, filing cabinets, and overhead storage. Most are high enough that it is difficult or impossible for someone to peer over the top (68 – 86 inches tall). In addition, we generally have private booths for individuals for those top-secret phone conversations, as well as 13 meeting rooms available for all meetings.
Is the space safe? Are my belongings safe?
We consider security within the space to be of the utmost importance. We use magnetized glass doors with keycard access to all locations. In addition, all workstations have lockable doors, lockable file cabinets, and lockable overhead storage.
When can I get started in my new office?
The normal process to rent a new office can take weeks or months. Setting up that office with a phone system, internet, and other office equipment can take even longer. At Sunshine, you can have an office ready and waiting in as little as 15 minutes, and use any payment method other than cash.
Can I choose my office configuration?
Sunshine offers you the flexibility to choose several different types of workstation configurations, allowing you to be your most productive. Whether it is a single person private space, or a group space of 2 – 10 employees, its up to you.
Do you host events outside of office space?
One of the pillars we founded Sunshine on was community. We strongly believe that being in an environment that fosters networking and community can help your business succeed, and at the end of the day we would like nothing more. Sunshine frequently offers numerous events to get people talking, hanging out, and hopefully working together.

We host a bi-weekly networking group, called the Shiners, and also have bi-weekly meet & greets for new people within the space. We’ve been known to have some legendary pool parties, and have also thrown bowling nights, karaoke, and other fun events. Sunshine hosts a killer soccer team (both winter and summer leagues), softball team, and are open to hosting any other events that may be fun. We’ve also just purchased a ski-house in Vermont that is available (for a fee) to all our clients.

Or you can call us anytime at
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Sunshine Bronx

890 Garrison Ave, Bronx NY

A partnership between government + education + corporation = start-up success in the Bronx, in this new state of the art community.

Sunshine Noho

419 Lafayette, Manhattan NY

Since 2004 start-ups like Vitacoco, and thousands more began there dreams at this location with many more still to come.

Sunshine TriBeCa West

12 Desbrosses Street, Manhattan NY

Cobble roads, posh location and celebrity neighbors; it’s always interesting to see who walks in and out of this buzzing spot.

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