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What return on investment do you currently receive from your work environment? Sunshine is more than just a space to work; it’s a collaborative environment that is designed to educate, and help entrepreneurs achieve measurable results.

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Sunshine Noho
419 Lafayette, Manhattan NY
Since 2004 start-ups like Vitacoco, and thousands more began there dreams at this location with many more still to come.
Estimated Population: 720
Conference Rooms: 7
Private Rooms: 1
Class Rooms: Not Yet
Parking Available: Not Yet

We are a dynamic group of 2,000+ entrepreneurs and independent professionals from diverse industries collaborating across multiple Sunshine Suites’ facilities. “Shiners” as we call ourselves, exchange ideas and services with one another, create business opportunities and utilize our numbers to get discounts and benefits, typically afforded to corporations, to help us grow collectively.

We’ve strategically aligned with educational, business and government organizations committed in assisting startups accomplish their personal and organizational goals. These partnerships provide access to a variety of services and resources, including counseling, mentoring, and educational opportunities. Read More

Only 1 out of 5 new businesses survive the first five years of business. The education and productivity center is designed to help entrepreneurs beat these odds. The Maestro Project, Monroe and Baruch colleges work in partnership, offering workshops, seminars, coaching and performance management services to enhance the productivity and ability to meet measurable goals. Continued education is critical to a company’s growth and sustainable success. Read More

“Aspiring business owners will learn from experts and other Shiners who have used these techniques to grow their own small businesses”

Don Angelo Bivens
The Maestro Project | Education and Productivity

“We’re injecting reality into the classroom providing students opportunity to help entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground.”

Monica Dean
Administrative Director

Sunshine offers entrepreneurs all of the elements they need to succeed. Both the tangibles and the intangibles. A dynamic work environment , month-to-month terms, amenities and support services, mentoring and networking opportunities. The facility features modular, ergonomically designed furnishings and flexible workspaces that support collaboration or provide privacy when needed. The latest technology and multi-media equipment facilitate document sharing, video production and presentations. Our office solutions provide the flexibility and affordability necessary to keep costs down, along with business resources to help first-time entrepreneurs avoid mistakes and maximize productivity.There are a variety of options and tiers of service to suit every entrepreneurial need and budget. Read More



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Sunshine Bronx

890 Garrison Ave, Bronx NY

A partnership between government + education + corporation = start-up success in the Bronx, in this new state of the art community.

Sunshine Noho

419 Lafayette, Manhattan NY

Since 2004 start-ups like Vitacoco, and thousands more began there dreams at this location with many more still to come.

Sunshine TriBeCa West

12 Desbrosses Street, Manhattan NY

Cobble roads, posh location and celebrity neighbors; it’s always interesting to see who walks in and out of this buzzing spot.

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